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Testimonials from Students,

Parents & Community Leaders:




“I was one of the original members of Sensei Casale's first dojo over

20 years ago. The traditional discipline this dojo has instilled in me, is timeless! A sound body, mind and soul is exactly what you will go home with after each and every session. Not to mention... a great workout with a real means of defending yourself! We often forget to "treat" ourselves. Sensei Casale and his teachings will do just that. Treat yourself and treat your family with total well-being.”


Mo' Bounce - New York City

Radio DJ Z100 - Mon-Fri: 6pm-10pm




“Marine Park Brooklyn is most fortunate to have Sensei Casale

and WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga. The best teacher and the best school is an unbeatable combination”. 


Senator Marty Golden - Brooklyn, New York

New York State Senator




“In the mid-1980s, Sensei Casale was a guest speaker at

my elementary school.  He discussed and demonstrated the inherent values and advantages of practicing Shotokan Karatedo.

I was immediately hooked and pleaded with my Mother to let me train – AND DID I TRAIN! I trained in Sensei Casale’s Dojo from elementary school through high school. I made great friends, learned and performed rigorous techniques and katas, participated in tournaments. I grew up as a young adult in the dojo. The only thing that interrupted my martial arts training and education was going away to college in another state. Training taught me about my strengths and weaknesses, the value of discipline, the importance of physical and mental fitness, and about the benefits of learning from an outstanding teacher, mentor and role model - Sensei Casale.  Sensei’s professional accomplishments, humor and enthusiasm for teaching are unparalleled and destined to bring out the best in every student. Fast forward to today, I am in my mid-30s and proud to say that Sensei and I still keep in touch.  I have led Marines, have lived and worked in war torn and developing countries for the Department of State and the one thing that has directly helped me to succeed at every challenge along the way was being a practitioner of Shotokan Karatedo.  Throughout the years I have practiced Karate and other styles of martial arts but those experiences pale in comparison with those that I gained in Brooklyn under the tutelage of Sensei Casale. I would encourage anyone who wants to grow and develop in all facets of life to seek out Sensei Casale… IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”


Ed Usher, Washington, D.C.

US State Department, Management Officer




“Before joining WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga, I was looking for a place where my daughter and I can spend some quality time together while learning self defense and getting some exercise. I did not realize that I was in store for a whole lot more.  At WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga you learn discipline, determination and a sense of importance about yourself.  It's a great feeling to know that you are part of  Sensei Casale's WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga family. Sensei Casale is a wonderful motivator, for both the children and for adults. He has a special way of teaching that is always exciting, fun and easy to understand. The kids are just drawn to him; they adore and respect him greatly. He cares and believes in what he does which makes him stand out as a teacher and a motivator. He puts his heart and soul into his work and we all benefit from that. When you join WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga you are joining a family; a family of amazing people.  This family makes sure you feel like you are at home and that you progress in your life as a respectful, strong and caring individual.”


Dawn Gangi - Brooklyn, New York

Vice President of Morgan Stanley



“Sensei Casale and and the other Black Belt instructors are very dynamic and are excellent with the children. WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga is a family oriented, safe and friendly environment and has given my child confidence and better concentration. I never thought my son would come out of his shell in such a magnificent way. Thank You Sensei Casale!”  


Maureen O’Malley - Brooklyn, New York




“I’ve been training with Sensei Casale at WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga since 2004. The facility is unmatched anywhere else, and the instruction and dojo family are second to none. Whatever your reason for wanting to join a karate class, this school will have EXACTLY what you’re looking for.”


Dominick Festagallo - Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn College




“WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga has changed my kids' lives. The ongoing encouragement has added to their self-confidence. The generous schedule has provided them with regular opportunities to practice their skills and advance. Most importantly, Sensei Thomas Casale genuinely cares about each and every student, leads with his heart and makes them feel as though they can accomplish well beyond what they ever thought possible.”


Alison Beckman - Brooklyn, New York

Teacher, NYC Department of Education




"Sensei Casale's Dojo is one of the most beautiful, simple, well-designed and spirited Karate schools I have ever seen in my travels around the world (including Japan). This spirit, attention to details and search for the holistic balance translates into a highly involved teaching environment full of personalized teaching methods, which Sensei Casale cultivates and insists upon in the dojo.  Sensei Casale brings together traditional training methods and modern day sports science, to fine-tune each technique to be as effective as possible, but also safe and beneficial for practitioner's health. He spends a lot of time making sure that each student perfects their technique according to their own body type. I am personally impressed how the culture in the dojo cultivates hard work  and respect between students. This represents the "traditional" part of the Traditional Karate. Many of these excellent traits rub off on the parents of the younger students and the parents (like me) end up joining too!  My two daughters and I are working towards our Black Belts. Karate requires a lot of hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun.

The dojo is a truly inviting place for both kids and adults, and has given my family more than words can express. I highly recommend Sensei Casale and WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga.”


Oleg Beregovich - Brooklyn, New York

Computer Programmer




“I trained with Sensei Casale in the early days, when his school

was in his basement. While strict, he always showed his genuine concern for me and all of his students. I am honored to have trained with him, and learned many valuable lessons, going beyond karate technique. I am honored to consider him a mentor, and my friend.”


John Soriano - Orlando, Florida




“WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga is a GREAT school to learn in.

In Sensei Casale's dojo everyone is welcoming, nice, and very friendly. They have patients and are willing to take as much time

as you need to teach you. The dojo has a convenient schedule and there are many different pieces of equipment to train with. In addition to this, Karate is not only for children, but for anyone who wants to learn Karate and wants to be able to defend themselves. Karate is our favorite activity to do in our free time because we are not only we learning how to defend ourselves, but it takes away the stress we get during the day. Sensei Casale and Sensei Yelena are great teachers and friends.”


Jasmin and Denisse Sanchez - Brooklyn, New York

Students and Future Black Belts !




“What I have come to learn in the 9 short months that I have been

a member of this school about the nature of both teaching and learning Karate is that it's not so much about the style, but the way that's it's taught. In plain English, YOUR INSTRUCTOR HAS TO KNOW WHAT HE/SHE IS DOING. Subpar instructors create whole generations of subar students. Sensei Thomas Casale is a master

at combining PROPER technique with unique applications and

self-defense operations. Everything is pin-point, designed to get

the most out of any compromising situation. The whole experience

is life changing. In his dojo, people of all ages, ethnicities, religions, and levels of expertise can be found rallying around each other in a very tight knit, family-like atmosphere. Sensei Casale is very serious about what he teaches and he expects his students to be serious about what they are learning, but it's very fun as well. His 25 year student-injury record is perfect. The equipment used in the dojo is always high quality and from legitamite sources. The class hours



Chuck Turley - Brooklyn, New York

Financial Specialist




“My daughter and I joined WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga last July and must say that our expectations have been exceeded. Balance, coordination, concentration, self-discipline and self-confidence are a few of the things you will get out of joining WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga. Plus, you get to meet a great bunch of people. 

Master Sensei Thomas Casale and his wife Sensei Yelena Casale are dedicated, caring people who will help you achieve all your desired goals. From the serious student, to the one who wants to learn basic self-defense techniques, all are encouraged and motivated to reach their maximum potential.  For those of you who are saying to yourself I am too old, too out of shape, or women can't do this, think again. You never know what you can do, until you try.  We thank Master Sensei Casale for his commitment to a school of excellence. To anyone considering Martial Arts training, we highly recommend you join WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga!”


Lucia Zuccardi - Brooklyn, New York

JP Morgan Chase - Corporate Technology




“I have been training with Sensei Casale for many years,

participating in both the Kosher Karate and the mainstream Karate Programs. His love and respect for the Jewish community

is truly inspiring. Sensei gives individual attention to each and every student. He knows how to keep us motivated and the classes interesting. The program is really for everyone, regardless of body type or background. Sensei helps students make the necessary adjustments to their technique to accommodate any and all physical limitations. Choosing to train with Sensei Casale at JSKA Karate is

a decision you will never regret.”


Uri Leibowitz - Brooklyn, New York

B&H Photo




“I was well into my thirties when I first walked into Sensei Casale's WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga dojo. I never had any formal karate training and it was always something I wanted to learn. Until a friend, who was also a student at the time, finally convinced me to try it out and join. I did and it was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. I am also an orthodox Jew and Sensei Casale's Kosher Karate program and his understanding of Jewish religious principles made my integration all that much easier. Not only does each class provide me with an excellent work out, but I found that my energy level has increased, I've learned more about my own physical potential, and I've made new friends near and far. I truly recommend joining the JSKA Karate dojo under the guidance of Sensei Casale and his team of internationally accredited instructors. The experiences and skills you take home are more portable than any other sports activity and stay with you for a lifetime. After almost 4 years of training I am close to earning my 1st degree black belt. I plan on continuing after that because the there is no end to the fun! I hope that my children will also want to join the dojo as well.”


David Dubrow - Brooklyn, New York





“I wish I would have found this when I was in high school. I might have done some things very differently. Aside from the fact that Sensei Casale is extremely knowledgable about the ART of Shotokan, he is also excellent at working with each individual student to improve their self-confidence and self-discipline. Over

the past three years the dojo become a sanctuary for me. From the first day I walked in the door I felt not only warmly welcomed, but also completely accepted. There is nowhere else I would rather spend my time.”


Sara Avin, Brooklyn, New York

Teacher, NYC Department of Education




I have been attending classes at the Dojo for over a year now.

What I really appreciate about my Dojo is the amount and planning and forethought that the Senseis put into every class. Each class is really organized and each skill is carefully taught and explained.

I take three classes a week, and after each class I feel pumped full of energy - both physically and mentally. The energy comes from the great Karate workout, AND from the great group of people in my class. What is especially unique about this Dojo is how CATERS to our Religious Community. The All-Women's classes are taught with the same energy and dedication as the Regular Classes. Respect and consideration for our traditions, customs and sensitivities are given and we feel very comfortable here. It's a great Dojo and I'm very proud to belong!


Devorah Ben-Zen, Brooklyn, New York

Student of Speech/Language Pathology




“WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga is a school for people of all ages and ability levels. I started training 2 years ago at age 48. I had no prior martial arts experience. At first, I found Karate so difficult, I thought I would never go beyond white belt, a beginner. Now, at age 50, I'm a blue belt on my way to purple, the highest intermediate level. It's still not easy, but good things are worth working hard for. Karate can be useful as a cross training activity.  My running times have improved, after several years of getting slower and slower. Most importantly, Karate has made me physically stronger and mentally happier.”  


Marianne Prawda - Brooklyn, New York




“I am writing this recommendation to attest to my sincere admiration for Sensei Casale. I'm an international lecturer, Author, and responsible for building some of the most successful organizations in the world. I have known Sensei Casale for more than 25 years and I can say that without his help in my personal development I would probably not have achieved the levels in life I have so far.

Sensei Casale is one of the most motivational, and dedicated people I have ever know. His knowledge of people, the way to connect with them is unparalleled I admire  the way he teaches,

and the personal connections he makes with the people he comes in contact with. He sets a new bar for  mentor, coach, and teacher.”


Steven Nachwalter

Chairman, Nachwalter Consulting Group




“A great, vibrant, active dojo with really

close knit attendees and the BEST SENSEIS!



Esther Iserovich Kundin - Brooklyn, New York

Computer Programmer



Testimonials from Prominent

Martial Arts Instructors:




“Sensei Casale is the DR. HOUSE of the traditional Karate world. The man is a walking talking encyclopedia of Karate, and is truly an EXCELLENT teacher who cares a great deal for his students.

I highly recommend Sensei Casale to anyone interested in Karate training.”


Sensei Ged Moran - Manchester, England

President, Legend Video Productions - UK




“I have been a student of Sensei Casale for more than

20 years and I can attest to his knowledge, skills and abilities without reservation or hesitation. Wise beyond his years and possessing a keen sense of how to motivate his students and get them to exceed personal limits, his methodologies are beyond reproach. He’s not just another instructor, he actually teaches. Simply put, he is one of the world's best! Hands down!”


Sensei Rashid Karim Ahmad - Washington, D.C.

Veteran, United States Navy




“Sensei Casale is one of the most versatile martial artists I have had the privilege to meet. His vast knowledge and experience in true traditional Japanese Karate is perfectly complimented by his real street experience making his techniques spectacularly effective. Few martial artists today have the combination of these two worlds to draw from to create a masterful style envied by the rest of us. Add to that that he is a genuinely "nice" guy with a heart of gold and you've got an inspiration to us all. I'm proud to know him, and even prouder to count him amongst my friends.”


Sensei Julian Forbes - Buffalo, New York

Karate Athlete, Inc.




“WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga changed me. It introduced me to my dearest friends and extended family. It helped me to become focused, disciplined and strong. As a woman in NYC, it taught me how to be responsible for my self-defense. As Sensei Casale says, "The best self defense is getting home safe." Honor, respect and loyalty are all important aspects of life in the dojo. When you step on the mat, you grow more than you ever expected and first realize. Try it and you'll see. You have nothing to lose and a world of opportunity to gain.”                           


Sensei Tina Moss Santino - Brooklyn, New York

Manager, Devry Institute




“Sensei Casale's knowledge of Martial Arts, and particularly Shotokan Karatedo, is world-class. His lifelong search for classic technique, as well as practical application has made for an excellent practitioner. This experience and knowledge would be little more than wasted, but for his patience and willingness to share with his students young and old. His decades of experience continue to be imparted upon students. You will seldom find an instructor with such knowledge, ability, and desire to pass on true Karatedo, and the spirit of Shotokan, as well as other applicable and relevant arts. Sensei Casale's dojo is beautiful, and the perfect place to train to make Martial Arts a part of one's life, and to deeply pursue this honorable path.”


Sensei Frederick J. Simon

Retired Special Agent, FBI

CEO, LOOP Security Services

Instructor of Traditional Karate




“Having been a member of traditional Karate organizations for over 15 years I was happy to have broken free and was hesitant to join "another" organization. I figured, it would be the same oligarchical structure, limiting its members freedom to learn due to the narrow mindedness an egotism of its managing group. However, after meeting Sensei Thomas Casale personally, all my organizational prejudices and paradigms disappeared and changed. Thomas is a very honest, straight forward and open minded instructor, who has devoted his entire life to learning, and sharing this knowledge with his friends and students. During the few years that I have had the joy and privilege to know him, I have had the chance to train with some of the leading researchers and instructors in martial arts. All pale in comparison to him. His open mindedness has attracted many like minded karate practitioners to come together in a sincere environment and share their knowledge with all who love martial arts. His enthusiasm has motivated me and all his students to question everything, study deeply, explore and learn freely without limitation. His warmth, sincerity and ability to communicate has not only earned my friendship and loyalty, but has befriended many who are not involved in the martial arts, such as my wife. And my 7 year old daughter calls him "her friend in New York".

I call him my friend and teacher, and consider myself lucky to have met him.”


Sensei Errol Mahoney - Jupiter, Florida

Senior Instructor, JSKA Florida




“I have been training at Thomas Casale's Dojo for about five years and have NEVER had a better Martial Arts experience. My two previous schools before training with Sensei Casale never gave me the feeling or qualification of being able to excel in sport competition, application of street self defense and knowledge of traditional Shotokan Karate-Do. Sensei Casale is well rounded, motivated and dedicated teacher..He encourages and pushes us to do our very best! All the students in the school work together as a team. We are like one big family that share something special and that is to keep developing and doing what we love! which is Karate! :) I could not have asked for a better Sensei or fellow students.”


Sensei Marie Pilieci - Brooklyn, New York





“In all my years of Shotokan Karate training, I have had the Honor of meeting many fine instructors, at home and abroad, but none who's Dojo can boast of so many positive attributes. Sensei Casale is an exceptional martial artist. His students are a fine testament to his instruction and are excellent Karate practitioners in their own right. You will have to travel far and wide to find a dojo of the same quality. I am honored to be a friend of Sensei Casale’s and look forward to the day when I can return to the US to train with him!”


Sensei Joe Glavin - Cork, Ireland

Chief Instructor, Gin Sen Karate



“I began training with Sensei Casale 5 years ago (after already having over 20 years of martial arts experience) and I can honestly say, there are few instructors teaching today that are as knowledgeable as Sensei Casale. His passion for teaching TRUE Karatedo pushes us to achieve great things, not only in the dojo, but in all aspects of our lives. I'm thankful to have met him & proud to call him MY SENSEI.”


Sensei Sherief Makhail - Queens, New York

Artist & Instructor, JSKA Karate




“I have known Sensei Casale for approximately 20 years and have always found him to be a super talented and enthusiastic Karate practitioner. His dojo is one of the nicest that I have had the pleasure of visiting. He is an excellent instructor with impeccable credentials and competent to teach children and adults of all levels from beginner to advanced. He consistently produces skilled students who are knowledgeable about Karate principles as well as Karate etiquette. I would highly recommend Sensei Casale's dojo and I am proud to be considered one of his friends.”


Sensei Mark Polstein - Long Island, New York

Detective Nassau County Police Department




“Although I have never met Sensei Casale, he has been a

good friend to me, to karate, and to charity. He actively supported my charity work called "Pink Karate - Breast Cancer Awareness", and so he recognizes that karate training is not just about what you do in the dojo, but what good you can do for others. We need more people like him in karate,

and in society in general.”


Sensei Seamus O'Dowd - Dublin, Ireland

Chief Instructor, SKIF of Ireland




“I was a student in Sensei Casale’s dojos in Midwood, Sheepshead Bay & Marine Park for nearly 25 years. My experience with Sensei Casale and WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga has instilled in me a great love of martial arts. I even got my wife to join for a few years before our son was born. Today my family and I live in New Jersey, so training with Sensei Casale in Brooklyn is no longer possible. In desperation, I have sought out a dojo in my area. It did not take me long to confirm something that I knew all along, that there is no substitute for the amazing and outstanding instruction that only Sensei Casale can provide. His incredible combined knowledge of Karate, Judo, and Jujutsu enriches the Traditional Shotokan Karate training beyond anything available anywhere else. As a black belt from his dojo, it became painfully obvious to me how poor instruction is in most other dojos, and how rare it is to find a dojo that adheres to the traditions of true Japanese Karatdo. In my humble opinion, Sensei Casale is truly a master of the art. I write this testimonial with great love and appreciation for all Sensei Casale and WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga has given my wife and I.”


Sensei Daniel Sadok - New Jersey

Teacher, NYC Dept. of Education




“Nearly 40 years ago, Sensei Casale and I earned our first Black Belts together. In the years since, not only has he made

a home and career in the Martial Arts, but has made mighty contributions to both the Arts and the community."


Sensei Kurt Griffith, Nanuet, New York

Graphic Artist




“Master Funakoshi said, “The ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of character of it’s participants”. Sensei Casale is living proof that Master Funakoshi was right. He has achieved the “ultimate aim” by developing a high level of technique, great knowledge and a TRULY EXCELLENT CHARACTER. We all look forward to Sensei Casale’s continued contributions to traditional Karate. His shining smile and personality always brings much joy and happiness to everyone who has the privilege of working with him.”


Sensei Ivan Rodic - Belgrade, Serbia

Senior Consultant,

Hill International Construction Management - Serbia




"I have known Sensei Casale as a US Team Member and instructor for many years. The student and competitor has become the teacher. THE METAMORPHOSIS IS COMPLETE! This natural transition gives him an uncanny insight to the wants and needs of all his students (which he takes very seriously). He has the uncanny ability to reach all of his students in a most personal and caring way so that they can achieve their full potential. Sensei Casale’s students have a true chance to develop and become all they want to be. Bravo!!!  A Sensei and a school that teaches and really cares!"


Sensei Carmel Sorrento - Brooklyn, New York

Chief Instructor, Legend Shotokan Karate of Brooklyn




“I have been training Karatedo with Sensei Casale for 10 years. Being in his school taught me to achieve major goals in life. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree, I achieved my 1st degree black belt and I also graduated from the International Karate Instructor Program. I now have the title of Sensei! Training at the WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga dojo taught me that it’s not the situations that come up in life that matter, but how one responses to these situations. It taught me to perceive and move forward even when things get hard or feel hopeless. There’s always more to learn and you never stop growing and developing. Sensei Casale is always willing to take the time to explain things in detail and he always makes sure that everyone’s questions are answered. No one ever leaves class confused. Take a chance and join us at the WKA Karate/Power Krav Maga dojo. I will guarantee one thing, you will become a much wiser and stronger person.”


Sensei Feroze Khan - Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn College




"Sensei Casale is truly a rare breed. His encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of Karate Do, vast experience and training in Sports Medicine, and deep insights into Martial Arts in general, make Sensei Casale a truly world class instructor. Sensei Casale has a keen sense of humor which helps his students get through the toughest of work outs with

a smile."


Sifu Michael R. Pekor MS, C.Ht, LMHC

President, Tai Chi Kung Fu of Long Island

Teacher, Jerico Department of Education




“Sensei Casale constantly demonstrates a great affection for his students and community. Years of personal observation of Sensei Casale has shown me he is always on the cutting edge of instruction and always fosters quality family values in his Karate school. I highly recommend training with Sensei Casale.”


Sensei John McClary

Chief Instructor, WKF-USA




“I first met Sensei Casle, in 1988 at the Long Island University Karate Instructors Program. I am very impressed at how far he has come in the study of martial arts. Not only as a student but, as a teacher as well. Because of his teachings, dedication, commitment and perseverance MANY life's have been changed for the better. Quoting William Arthur Ward, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ”SENSEI CASALE INSPIRES!!!”


Sensei Jerry Figgiani

President, Shorin Ryu Karatedo International

International Technical Director, WKA






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