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Part of POWER KRAV MAGA training

is the safe & correct use of FIREARMS

in full accordance with the law.


Power Krav Maga members will have the opportunity to go

to a shooting range a 3-4 times per year for training in a

variety of civilian, Police and Military weapons.


Tactical Firearms training will be available

for those with more experience who want to

take their shooting skills to the next level.


No gun license or previous experience is required.

You will be trained and supervised by licensed

NRA (National Rifle Association) shooting instructors.







We especially encourage people with no experience

to attend Firearms training days, because

it's important to at least know the basics.

There is no need to be fearful of guns or shooting.

With proper training, shooting is FUN & VERY SAFE.


Firearms training is NOT a requirement

for Power Krav Maga students.

This is an extra training opportunity we provide

for those who are interested.


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