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"I have spent a lifetime in law enforcement and martial arts. I have never learned more than I learned in the Civilian Defense Program.

Sensei is the best of the best and the information is presented in a very straight forward no-nonsense way. 

Everything is reality based and you could never get this type of training outside of Police or Military service training. I highly recommend taking

the Civilian Defense Program.

You're getting the best teacher

and the best curriculum at a great price. You couldn't ask for anything more. Do it!"

David R, Brooklyn, NY

"I took this program a year before the disgusting October 7th attack on Israel. Everything Sensei taught us about terrorism was exactly right.

He even told us something terrible was going to happen, and it did. 

He opened my eyes not only to security and hand to hand combat,

but to human nature, and the weaknesses I needed to face within myself. In all Seriousness, all Jews need to take this program. 

Sensei is a true champion of the Jewish people.'

Ezra B, Brooklyn, NY

"My son and I took Krav Maga classes in Israel and at two places in New York. The training was OK, but was nothing like the Krav Maga and security training given in the Civilian Defense Program. Training with Sensei was more than a class, it was a life altering experience for both my son and I. We now take private lessons with Sensei, and we will be taking the Civilian Defense Program again.

You should too."

Moshe S, Brooklyn, NY

"I am 65 years old, out of shape and I have a physical disability. I was mugged a few times, and was feeling frightened when I walked around the neighborhood. A friend at the Shul recommended me to call Sensei and talk to him. I explained to Sensei that I am in physically bad shape, and after the last mugging, my mind wasn't so good either. Sensei was very kind and good to me. He invited me to the class and told me to trust him and to trust the process. I signed up thinking I was wasting my money. When I got into the class, Sensei was very sensitive to my physical limitations, but was not sensitive to my laziness or to me feeling sorry for myself. He knew when to push me, and when to tell me to take it easy. I felt like a piece of clay being molded by a great artist. I made great progress, and by the end of the first month, I felt myself doing things I never dreamed I could do at my age. My body got stronger and if I am ever attacked again, I know what to do. I'm still 65 and I'm still disabled, but because of what I learned in the Civilian Defense Program, I now have a real fighting chance. Just as important was Sensei teaching us how to read a situation and how to make our home and Shul a more secure place. Sensei is a true Mensch and he's a Lion. Believe me, it's a good thing he's on our side! You don't realize how much you need this training until you do it.

So I highly recommend to you,

the Civilian Defense Program."

Abe L, Brooklyn, NY




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